Vilnius Alibi. Baltic Sea Crime Fiction Days. 09-12 11 2005
Characters of the Mystery
All in all there are nine characters in the mystery "In the Shadow of the Duke" and each character may be the murderer. Players of the mystery get a detective task to solve. You have to run an investigation on how and why a murder was committed, and who’s the murderer.
The mystery begins on October 10th, when all the characters of the mystery are introduced, and it goes on until November 27th, when the solution of the mystery and the name of the murderer are revealed.
The player is allowed to make only one guess per week. The maximum amount of guesses during all the time of the mystery is seven.
All characters and companies are fictional. Any similarities to actual persons or companies are purely coincidental. Copyright (c) Nordic Council of Ministers Office in Lithuania 2005.
The main prize
Aiste Balzekiene, a 29-year-old sociologist from Kaunas is awarded the main prize of the mystery. That is a weekend for two in one of the Nordic capitals. Congratulations!
Teppo Heiskanen, the director of the Nordic Council of Ministers Office, hands over the prize.
The main prize of the mystery is a weekend for two in one of the following European capitals:
These routes are meant for the residents of Lithuania. For those living abroad, the destination is Vilnius (Lithuania) with departure from one of the four Nordic capitals, mentioned above.
The winner of the main prize is announced on November 28th. In case there is more than one player, who guesses right most of the times, the winner is chosen by drawing lots.
Weekly prizes
In order to win a weekly prize, there’s no need to get it right, all the players of the week have a chance to win. Every week during the mystery we choose 3 players by chance, who win prizes of the Nordic Council of Ministers Office in Lithuania (a T-shirt, playing cards and a compass).
Jonas Ambrazaitis
61, head coach of the basketball team “Lietuvos vakaras”
Rūta Astrauskaitė
25, medical assistant at the Danish-owned pharmaceutical company “Danvaistas” in Vilnius
Kęstas Gedvilas
35, bartender at a prestigious sports club in Vilnius, brother to Vilma Gedvilaitė
Vilma Gedvilaitė
21, philosophy student, former dancer in the “Lietuvos vakaras” basketball team and lover of Paulius Račkaitis, sister of Kęstas Gedvilas
Vidas Janutėnas
38, senior detective, Vilnius Police, was recently in Stockholm as a liaison officer
Birutė Pocienė
45, commander-level officer, Vilnius Police
Juozas Račkaitis
56, father of Paulius and Saulius
Paulius Račkaitis
23, known as “the Duke”, the star of the “Lietuvos vakaras” basketball team
Saulius Račkaitis
23, also known as Saulius Knutsen, twin brother of Paulius Račkaitis
2005. Nordic Council of Ministers Office in Lithuania. All rights reserved e-solution: gaumina