Vilnius Alibi. Baltic Sea Crime Fiction Days. 09-12 11 2005

Alexandra Marinina

Alexandra Marinina (real name Marina Aleksejeva) (Russia)
Will be inquired:
On November 8th (Tuesday), 2005 at 6 pm in the meeting with the readers
On November 9th (Wednesday), 2005 at 5 pm in the discussion “Crime fiction as a mirror of society”
Personal file
Marina Anatolyevna Alexeyeva (Alexandra Marinina) was born in 1957, in Lvov to a family of lawyers. Marinina graduated from a special English-language school and the Rimsky-Korsakov Musical School. In 1979 she received a law degree from Moscow State University. The author worked twenty years in the research and educational institutions of the Ministry of Interior, the main direction of her scientific research being criminology and criminal statistics. As a Candidate of Law (the equivalent of a Ph.D), Marinina has over 40 theoretical publications. She retired with the rank of lieutenant colonel of militia in February 1998. Now she concentrates on literature.
Literary works
Marinina wrote her first psychological detective novel, „Concurrence of Circumstances“, with the heroine Anastasia Kamenskaya, a detective from Moscow's central CID headquarters (criminal militia), in 1992 and it was published in the departmental magazine "Militia" in 1993. Since 1995 her novels have been published by the most outstanding publishing houses in Russia and abroad. During the latest 13 years Marinina has published 33 books in different genres, including 25 detective novels featuring Kamenskaya. Books by Marinina have been published in 22 languages with a total of over 35 million copies. She has received a number of literary awards.
Some of the most famous works:
„The Coincidence of Circumstances“ („Стечение обстоятельств“), 1992
„Away Game“ („Игра на чужом поле“), 1993
„Stolen Dream“ („Украденный сон“), 1995
„The Unwilling Killer“ („Убийца поневоле“), 1995
„Death for Death's Sake“ („Смертъ ради смерти“), 1995
„Underlings Die First“ („Шестерки умирают первыми“), 1995
„Death and Some Love“ („Смерть и немного любви“), 1995
„The Black List“ („Черный список“), 1995
„The Stylist“ („Стилист“), 1996
„The Illusion of Sin“ („Иллюзия греха“), 1996
„The Radiant Face of Death“ („Светлый лик смерти“), 1997
„I Died Yesterday“ („Я умер вчера“), 1997
„Men's Games“ („Мужские игры“), 1997
„Requiem“ („Реквием“), 1998
„The Apparition of Music“ („Призрак музыки“), 1998
„The Seventh Victim“ („Седьмая жертва“), 1999
The Wanted about her works
Marinina herself refers to her crime fiction as follows: „Throughout the years that I've dealt with crime, I understand that there is nothing interesting about crime itself, nor can there be. That's why my books are not about crimes. They are about people, their lives, souls, thoughts, everything that is beyond their activity, even if their acts are crimes“.
She has a reasonably ironical attitude towards herself and her literary works. Marinina's main character reminds us of the author's personality. Like Nastya Kamenskaya, Marinina prefers same colours in clothing, smokes too much, drinks coffee, doesn't drink alcohol, has trouble getting up in the morning, doesn't like housework, often has backaches, enjoys classical music, hates exercise, and becomes totally immersed in her favorite activity - creative work.
Source: http://www.marinina.ru/

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