Vilnius Alibi. Baltic Sea Crime Fiction Days. 09-12 11 2005

Árni Thórarinsson

Árni Thórarinsson (Iceland)
Will be inquired:
On November 9th (Wednesday), 2005 at 5 pm in the discussion “Crime fiction as a mirror of society”
On November 10th (Thursday), 2005 at 8 pm in the music and literature happening "Evening of Alibi"
Personal file
Árni Thórarinsson (b.1950), the author of several gripping thrillers, has a long career in the Iclendic media as a journalist, film critic, editor for newspapers, weekly papers and magazines, as well as radio and television programmes. In 2004 he won the Icelandic Journalism Prize.
Literary works
Árni Thórarinsson is one of the few authors of crime fiction in Iceland. He has written and published the crime novels „The Night Has a Thousand Eyes“ (Nóttin hefur þúsund augu) 1998, „The White Rabbit“ (Hvíta kanínan) 2000 and „The Blue Moon“ (Blátt tungl) 2001, the main character of which is journalist Einar. Together with Páll Kristinn Pálsson he also published a crime novel „In the Beginning Was the Murder“ (Í upphafi var morðið) 2002 and wrote screenplays for two television series. His works have been translated into Danish and German.
This summer the author finished his fourth crime novel "The Season Of the Witch” (Tími nornarinnar), which will be published in the autumn.
Critics comment the Wanted
Árni Thórarinsson's crime novels are a legitimate offspring of the American crime novel. In these books distinguished business magnates seem to be far into drugs and perverse sex; crimes and corruption thrive behind a respectable facade. The main character in the books is Einar, a hard drinking journalist. The detective work is sometimes overshadowed by Einar's drinking and personal agony. He is personally connected with the crime cases and thus reminiscent of a common detective type in American crime fiction. As in the American novels Einar's crime investigations turn into a personal quest for justice.
Source: Magazine “Nordisk litteratur” 200

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