Vilnius Alibi. Baltic Sea Crime Fiction Days. 09-12 11 2005

Jānis Ivars Stradiņš

Jānis Ivars Stradiņš (Latvia)
Will be questioned:
On November 9th (Wednesday), 2005 at 5 pm in the discussion “Crime fiction as a mirror of society”
On November 10th (Thursday), 2005 at 5 pm in the literature workshop "Crime Laboratory"
On November 10th (Thursday), 2005 at 8 pm in the music and literature happening "Evening of Alibi"
Personal file
Latvian author Jānis Ivars Stradiņš was born in 1943. After graduating secondary school the author did his military service in the Soviet army. Later he was working in the branch of telecommunications. In 1982 Stradiņš graduated from the Latvian University and after ten years he published his first detective novel “Secret of open safe”.  Since then he is professional writer and has written 14 detective novels. Stradiņš consistently uses two characters, the private detectives Valts Kronbergs and Roberts Štals, who are able to solve the most complicated cases.
The most famous works:
“Secret of open safe”, novel. 1992
“Villa of demons”, novel, 1993
“Adventures in France”, novel, 1994
“The Baumans’ case”, novel, 1994
“Eastern bank’s millions”, novel, 1995                      
“Kidnapping of lady Charlotte Geskel”, novel, 1995
“Blue thread”, novel, 1996
“Black castle”, novel, 1997
“Ghost of old treasures”, novel
“The golden horde”, novel
“Konrad Laube’s secret”, novel                     
“The devil of Mezvidi”, novel, 2001
“The deceit”, novel, 2002
“Riches of Burbons’ house”, novel, 2003
Source: Jānis Ivars Stradiņš

"Phenomenon" by Jānis Ivars Stradiņš

– Once again, - the philosopher shook his head reproachfully, - once again you play the wrong card, detective! What is that – leisure or excessive professional precaution?
Frowning, the speaker tossed his remaining card on the table and leaned back in his chair. His stern features reflected disappointment.
- Possibly. But if I had played... – he broke off and gave it up for lost. – A futile appeasement of the mouth.
The philosopher, whose appearance suggested a classic bookworm – gaunt, boney, with an unhealthy yellow colored face and thick bifocals – clinked his glass...
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