Vilnius Alibi. Baltic Sea Crime Fiction Days. 09-12 11 2005
Who hides in the Shadow of the Duke?
A young girl walks her dog near the Cathedral in the heart of Vilnius and in the construction site of the Dukes’ palace she accidentally discovers a famous sportsman, who has been murdered. This scene is worth the bold titles in the first pages of newspapers, and this is how the detective mystery on the Internet In the Shadow of the Duke begins. The mystery is one of the events of the Crime Fiction Festival Vilnius Alibi.
The detective game In the Shadow of the Duke is presented on the Internet website www.vilniusalibi.lt. Players of the mystery have to run an investigation on how and why a murder was committed, and who’s the murderer. The mystery goes on from October 10th until November 27th; the player is allowed to make only one guess per week. The winner of the mystery will be the player, who points out the circumstances of the crime and the murderer right most of the times. The best detective gets the main prize – a trip for two to one of the European capitals.
Nine characters are involved in the mystery and each of them comes under suspicion of murdering: a famous basketball player and a medical assistant at a pharmaceutical company, a bartender at a prestigious sports club and a former dancer in a basketball team…. The full gallery of the suspected ones will make you feel like a detective trying to find out what has happened in deed.
According to the organizers of the detective mystery, the aim of the game is to introduce in the form of game the Nordic crime fiction tradition, because the crime literature is often described as a second-quality literature in Lithuania. The scriptwriter of the mystery is not Lithuanian that makes the story more interesting and shows Lithuania as seen from outside.
The mystery In the Shadow of the Duke is one of the events of the Baltic Sea Crime Fiction Festival Vilnius Alibi. This is the first international crime fiction festival in Lithuania; it will be organized on November 9-12 in Vilnius by the Nordic Council of Ministers Office.
The festival presents famous detective authors from the Nordic and Baltic countries and Russia and a wide program of events dedicated to crime fiction. The festival will offer meetings with the authors, seminars and discussions on crime fiction, crime film section “Crime and Punishment”, collection of short stories Vilnius Alibi written by the participating authors, crime readings on the Lithuanian radio Klasika and other entertainment in detective style.
Detective mystery In the Shadow of the Duke and the program of the festival Vilnius Alibi - www.vilniusalibi.lt
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