Vilnius Alibi. Baltic Sea Crime Fiction Days. 09-12 11 2005
Part 4
Pocienė and Janutėnas go over the facts of the case. The strongest hypothesis seems to be that the murder has something to do with Saulius’ connections to the mafia. But they have no evidence. They order all Vilnius detectives to use their contacts to ask around in criminal circles, but there are no results. This bothers both Pocienė and Janutėnas: if it was a mafia killing, there should be some word out on the street.
The police commander is furious, because there are no results. The Seimas opposition wants to set up a commission to investigate the police work. There is also the problem of the murder weapon, which has not been found despite intensive searches in the area.
As for all the people interviewed, nobody seems to have anything to do with Saulius Račkaitis. The "Lietuvos vakaras” team and Danvaistas have disagreements about the painkillers, but that has nothing to do with Saulius. Vilma Gedvilaitė could have a grudge against Paulius, but she apparently didn’t know Saulius. Kęstas Gedvilas could share her sister’s grudge against Paulius, but that has nothing to do with Saulius. Still, it is suspicious that Rūta Astrauskaitė and Kęstas Gedvilas found the body. Juozas Račkaitis does not seem to have a reason to kill his son.
Pocienė and Janutėnas check the alibis once more. Paulius Račkaitis and Jonas Ambrazaitis, the coach, were in Tel Aviv at the time of the murder. Rūta Astrauskaitė was at home, and a neighbor had seen her go out with the dog, as usual, but that does not cover the time of the murder. Kęstas Gedvilas was with a friend at the time of the murder, and although they were close to the murder scene, the alibi seems waterproof. Vilma was, according to her own account, in Stockholm, and says that a fellow cleaner can prove that, but this has not been confirmed yet by the Swedish police. Juozas Račkaitis was in Palanga, which has been proved.
Pocienė and Janutėnas go out for a glass of beer. The old flame between them tries to light up, but nothing happens. They drink a lot.
Then they get a phone call: the murder weapon has been found in a garbage container in the back yard of a Gedimino Street restaurant. It is an old Makarov. Pocienė immediately thinks of Juozas Račkaitis handgun collection. There was no Makarov, which was odd, because it was one of the most common pistols at the time in Lithuania. But again, there is no evidence. Anyway, she shares her thoughts with Janutėnas.
There are fingerprints on the Makarov, so Pocienė orders a routine check. Fingerprints have been taken in connection with the police interviews from Rūta Astrauskaitė, Kęstas Gedvilas, Paulius Račkaitis, Vilma Gedvilaitė and Jonas Ambrazaitis. Pocienė calls Klaipėda police to ask for Juozas Račkaitis fingerprints as well.
Pocienė calls and asks whether there was a Makarov in Juozas Račkaitis’ collection. Račkaitis hesitates. Then he says yes, but that he keeps it separately in a secret place, because it was his father’s personal weapon. Pocienė asks to check whether the gun is where it should be. Juozas Račkaitis discovers that it is not. He cannot find it.
(To be continued on October 31)
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Part 4
Pocienė and Janutėnas go over the facts of the case. The strongest hypothesis seems to be that the murder has something to do with Saulius.
Part 5
If the killer stole the Makarov from Juozas, the prints of the owner were probably wiped off. Juozas Račkaitis should identify the weapon...
Part 6
Jonas Ambrazaitis and Kęstas Gedvilas are being held at the police station. Paulius and Juozas Račkaitis are flown by helicopter from Klaipėda...
The body in the palace is that of Paulius Račkaitis, not Saulius Račkaitis. Vilma Gedvilaitė kills Paulius for revenge.