Vilnius Alibi. Baltic Sea Crime Fiction Days. 09-12 11 2005
The body in the palace is that of Paulius Račkaitis, not Saulius Račkaitis. Vilma Gedvilaitė kills Paulius for revenge.
Vilma Gedvilaitė knows Saulius Račkaitis from the Red Square in Oslo, where they met after Vilma left for the Nordic countries, after the abortion. Saulius falls in love with Vilma. Vilma decides to use him to execute her revenge against Paulius.
Vilma has evidence against Saulius on trafficking crimes, and presents the evidence to Paulius over the phone from Oslo. To protect his brother, Paulius agrees to everything Vilma says. Vilma wants to see Paulius at the construction site of the Duke’s Palace on the evening of the March 11, to discuss money she says. But she plans to kill him.
In order to confuse a police investigation, Vilma wants Saulius to take Paulius’ place in the Tel Aviv game. Saulius agrees because of love and Paulius because he thinks it is the only way to get rid of Vilma. Paulius thinks that after Vilma has the money, she will disappear and the trafficking issue will never hit the courts. Saulius thinks that he and Vilma can disappear together with the money.
Vilma steals the murder weapon from the Račkaitis house in Palanga, which she knows from the time she dated Paulius.
Kęstas is at the Square on the night of the murder, because Vilma asks him to protect her when she meets with Paulius. Kęstas, too, thinks that it is a question about blackmailing money. Kęstas does not even know about Saulius’ existence. But Vilma leaves the murder scene from the other side, leaving Kęstas to wait in vain. When Rūta calls Kęstas, he really has no choice but to help her. As Kęstas sees the body, he understands that her sister is the killer. When Rūta goes to the fence to call the officers, Kęstas discovers the Makarov. He is still protecting her sister, so he picks it up in order to get rid of it. That is why he wants to leave the murder site so quickly.
Saulius tells his father Juozas about Vilma’s plan to blackmail money from Paulius. Juozas allows this, because he has a bad conscience about letting Saulius move to Norway, and consequently making Saulius a criminal. But the father also thinks that it is a question of blackmail, not murder. He is truly surprised by the disappearance of the Makarov. Only then does he realize that the murder was committed by his father’s gun.
After the murder, Saulius still thinks that he and Vilma can have a life in Spain. He convinces his father to come along. But they are stopped at Palanga airport.
When almost everybody is at the police station in Vilnius, Janutėnas still cannot be sure whether the killer is Vilma or Rūta. Furthermore, the police cannot find either. Therefore Saulius is let free to lead them to one or the other. As Saulius enters the plane, where Vilma is already sitting to fly to Spain, he is too weak to confront Vilma, and hands the gun to her. She thanks by killing him in the plane.
But then she understands that the story is over, and gives herself up.
Rūta Astrauskaitė and Jonas Ambrazaitis are completely innocent. Rūta is later found from Nida where she has escaped for a few days because of the stress, without telling anyone.
Part 1
Rūta Astrauskaitė, a 25-year old medical assistant working for the Danish-owned pharmaceutical company “Danvaistas...
Part 2
As the body is examined, a matchbox with the name of the nightclub “Red Square”, situated in Oslo, is found in the pocket of the dead man...
Part 3
The technical examination of the body is completed. It becomes evident that the victim was killed on the construction site of the Palace, the body was found at 21.45...
Part 4
Pocienė and Janutėnas go over the facts of the case. The strongest hypothesis seems to be that the murder has something to do with Saulius.
Part 5
If the killer stole the Makarov from Juozas, the prints of the owner were probably wiped off. Juozas Račkaitis should identify the weapon...
Part 6
Jonas Ambrazaitis and Kęstas Gedvilas are being held at the police station. Paulius and Juozas Račkaitis are flown by helicopter from Klaipėda...
The body in the palace is that of Paulius Račkaitis, not Saulius Račkaitis. Vilma Gedvilaitė kills Paulius for revenge.