Vilnius Alibi. Baltic Sea Crime Fiction Days. 09-12 11 2005
Part 6
Jonas Ambrazaitis and Kęstas Gedvilas are being held at the police station. Paulius and Juozas Račkaitis are flown by helicopter from Klaipėda. They are furious for not being allowed to leave the country. Vilma Gedvilaitė and Rūta Astrauskaitė are missing. The whole police force is sent out to search for them.
Pocienė and Janutėnas come up with a plan. First they interrogate the father and the son Račkaitis. They present the Makarov in a plastic bag and ask them whether it is the missing gun from Juozas collection. Paulius urges him to say nothing. Juozas stays quiet.
The officers leave the room. As they do, they purposely leave the door a bit open. They speak in the corridor so that Juozas and Paulius can hear them. Pocienė tells Janutėnas that Rūta Astrauskaitė and Vilma Gedvilatė have not been found yet, and there is reason to believe that at least one of them is trying to leave the country.
Paulius uses this opportunity and escapes to the corridor. He attacks Janutėnas and takes his gun. He manages to get out of the building. Janutėnas lets him go, but follows him.
Pocienė shows the gun to Kęstas Gedvilas. He denies ever having seen it. When presented with the fingerprint evidence, he refuses to talk.
Janutėnas follows Paulius Račkaitis, who takes a taxi to the airport. Janutėnas follows but has to be very careful. Paulius studies the departure lists and seems to become desperate. Then he grabs the nearest check-in person and threatens her with Janutėnas’ gun. Security officers pull their guns. Janutėnas pulls his badge and orders the guards to put their guns down. Paulius shouts that he wants to go down to the tarmac, and that he is driven to the Barcelona plane, leaving soon.
Janutėnas allows this. The VIP bus takes Paulius to the plane, together with the terrified check-in clerk. Janutėnas and security guards follow with a normal airport bus, which is too slow. Janutėnas can only watch as Paulius climbs into the airplane, already full of passengers with the gun. A shot is heard.
A minute later a woman appears at the top of the stairs with Janutėnas’ smoking gun in her hands. She walks down and hands the gun to Janutėnas. He arrests the woman.
(This is the last part of the mystery, the solution will be revealed on November 28)
Part 1
Rūta Astrauskaitė, a 25-year old medical assistant working for the Danish-owned pharmaceutical company “Danvaistas...
Part 2
As the body is examined, a matchbox with the name of the nightclub “Red Square”, situated in Oslo, is found in the pocket of the dead man...
Part 3
The technical examination of the body is completed. It becomes evident that the victim was killed on the construction site of the Palace, the body was found at 21.45...
Part 4
Pocienė and Janutėnas go over the facts of the case. The strongest hypothesis seems to be that the murder has something to do with Saulius.
Part 5
If the killer stole the Makarov from Juozas, the prints of the owner were probably wiped off. Juozas Račkaitis should identify the weapon...
Part 6
Jonas Ambrazaitis and Kęstas Gedvilas are being held at the police station. Paulius and Juozas Račkaitis are flown by helicopter from Klaipėda...
The body in the palace is that of Paulius Račkaitis, not Saulius Račkaitis. Vilma Gedvilaitė kills Paulius for revenge.